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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Howling Winds

Weather in my part of Texas this time of year is very odd. While the majority of the country is essentially still in the depths of winter, central Texas is looking to break free and start summer.

That's right...I said summer. Not spring. Summer.

You see, it's spring right now in this part of Texas. One could go out to their yards and find clover starting to grow, and you need to treat your lawns now with lawn food so it will grow thick my April. Some people even start to plant vegetables outside -- it's likely they started the seedlings a month ago, indoors.

Earlier today, it topped out at 80 degrees. Tomorrow it will barely make it to 55 degrees.

The wind howls right now, deep and ominous. The wind chimes are out of tune. The sky is blanketed in clouds -- the absence of stars makes me feel lonely, and at the same time like something is watching me...

Or, maybe I'm just tired...

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