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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Trials of Parenthood

I had a very interesting evening. As you are aware, I am separated from my wife, working on a divorce. It's an amicable decision and dissolution of the marriage.

As such, I get the kids at my home every other weekend. This weekend is my weekend.

This week has been especially difficult, because both kids are sick. Not so sick that they need constant attention, but from time to time, I am reminded of what can happen when the slightest thing goes wrong.

Hayden, my 1-year-old, was attempting to eat dinner. By attempting, I mean I was feeding him, and he was not necessarily eating what I gave him. As I found out later, he was probably still full from his previous meal 3 hours previous, and really did not want to eat.

I fed Hayden an 8 ounce bottle of whole milk, and 3 hours later figured he was still hungry. I started to feed him applesauce, which he was eating fine for a few minutes.

Then, for some reason, he gagged. He started puking up the applesauce, and then what was left of the milk in his stomach.

I pulled him out of his bouncy chair, and he continued to puke. It mostly got on my shirt. But the initial puke, the applesauce, made it right into my hand.

Alexander, my 3 year old, was observing the situation. He saw the regurgitated applesauce and started to heave. He ran out of the room, but didn't make it. A couple piles of fresh toddler puke laid in the hallway en route to the bathroom.

The site of Hayden and Alex both puking made me heave.

We had a case of Chain Reaction Puking, a condition brought on swiftly and suddenly by one person puking with witnesses continuing the chain. I don't think we set a record -- not that I'd like to KNOW the record -- but it was nuts nonetheless.

I called my wife, and she ran over some clean clothes for Hayden. He had puked on everything else Thursday night and Friday.

After the puking subsided, I cleaned up the spills and the towels, and sent the dirty clothes home with my wife. Now both kids are resting in bed comfortably.

I'm the eldest of five children. I don't recall Chain Reaction Puking occurring in my house then, but it would have been a disaster...

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