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Friday, February 1, 2008

Young'un is a Pappa!

I wanted to congratulate my coworker and colleague, Steve Bartlow, and his wife, on the birth of their daughter this morning. I raise my cup of coffee to you. I hope you got some sleep over the past few weeks, because you won't be getting any for about the next 6 weeks at least!

I also hope he followed my advice when in the delivery room:

1. Smile.
2. Hold her hand.
3. Only speak when spoken to, and keep the answers short.

I've worked for AMS Services, a division of Vertafore Inc, for just over 11 years. I've been here a while -- not as long as others but still a good amount of time. Steve is a mere 22 years old. My son in college is going to be 20 this summer, so I always make light of the fact that my coworker is nearly as young as my oldest son. So he became "Young'un", and I became either "Old Man" or "Pops".

Now, I can call him Pops.


Steve said...

Thanks Richard! Didn't know you wrote this, I appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Hey, no problem, man. Just be a good pappa...