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Friday, March 28, 2008


I recently changed jobs at AMS. I now work for the corporate entity, Vertafore, as an application engineer. This job is very interesting, very busy, and I don't have to call nearly as many customers as I used to. I loved talking to customers, but my new position shields me from most of that. My customers now are my colleagues.

Part of my new job is a Wednesday Night Maintenance period. This is the time when changes are made to our systems that cannot be done during the business day. Items like rebooting servers, adding network connections, changing routers, and other things that would take a set of systems completely offline, and pissing off at least 20 people at once, are handled during this period. The schedule is Wednesday night from 10PM till 2AM.

On top of the fact that I'm a bit tired and have to go into work at 10PM, my nose and sinuses start to tingle. In a span of 30 minutes, I get hit with a blast of sneezes, and I feel like the worst cold in my life has hit me. My throat starts to itch, and I find myself with a stack of napkins next to me at my desk, using one every 5 minutes.

A quick check on shows the tree and grass pollen count is very high, and will be moderate for the next few days. I am a seasonal allergy suffer, and the first wave has hit.

Allergies are kicking my ass...

I know I have allergies, and living in Brazos County makes it particularly bad on me. On top of that, the weather is going to be rainy for the next 2 days, and after that the pollen will go up again.

Time to stock up on the Zyrtec. It's going to be a rough weekend...