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Friday, May 23, 2008

...And The Students Become The Teachers...

This weekend, I have all of my boys with me, and they are all cavorting in the living room having a grand time. Alex is playing with Hayden. Chris puts down his laptop at some point to play with both of them on the floor. Alex jumps on Chris' back, and Hayden laughs his tail off.

I mention I need to begin making dinner, and ask what they would like to eat.

The running joke in my family has always been "Um, I'll have some food, please."

Sarcasm. Smark Aleck. Smartass. Call it what you want -- it's a fine family tradition, handed down from the elders of the Tocci clan for decades. Well, I'm not sure about HOW long it's been around, but I was aware of the skill as a teenager and began using it on my father. Chris started using it on me about the same time in his life.

The torch has been passed, sort of, to Alexander.

So I asked, to no one in particular what everyone wanted for dinner. Chris popped right up and said "Food, please".

Alex did not miss a step, and said "Yeah, I'll have some food, too!"

It was wonderful, and scary. Alex really had no idea that he did it, while Chris had the gun loaded and was ready to fire at a moments notice. I laughed, made dinner, laughed some more, and realized my brood is quickly becoming a Tocci Clan very, very quickly.

So I wonder when Hayden will join the mix?

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