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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning Secrets

My oldest son, Christopher, came home from college this past week. It's always good to see him, since I don't get to see him that often. He goes to college in Canyon, Texas, just south of Amarillo. West Texas A&M University is a Division II school that houses an excellent music and music education program. Chris is studying music education, with aspirations of a masters and a Ph.D. in music. This is impressive, and humorous -- this coming from the kid who started to cut his hair on his own at the age of 12, and then wore a Green Bay Packer cheesehead because "it was raining". That, as I've said before, is another post.

So now the back bedroom is littered with a mini TV, an XBox, clothes (clean and dirty all mixed together -- you know how college men are), a laptop computer, and other items. Add that to the younger boys toys (trucks, puzzles, a train set, and several balls) and we have a big fat mess.

Anyway, his first week back was pretty typical Chris Tocci fair. His high school buddies all called him the minute they arrived in College Station and started making plans to get together. After all of the initial festivities were over, I finally got a chance to talk with him.

I remember, as a teenager, doing things I wasn't supposed to do. I egged cars riding down 274, stole christmas trees in North East, shoved a moneybag up the tailpipe of the Saab, and chased a Dominoes pizza delivery guy that thought he was Mario Andretti. I also remember doing things to my parents belongings that I should not have done, and telling them years later. I was quite proud of myself when I found that old Buick of my fathers went into third gear at 83 miles an hour, since he never found out himself.

It was talking about these types of things that got my son spilling the beans on a few episodes. There was the getting drunk at a friends house and the decoration of a house involving Charmin. The pick-up football games against the baseball players that wound up nearly in a free-for-all and his spearing his friend Mike in yet another football game.

I wasn't that surprised, but I was glad of one thing. My son has a relationship with me I always hoped for -- he could darn near tell me anything, even if it WAS months or years later. I know he will continue to do stupid things like I've done, but that's OK, since it's all part of growing up.

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