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Thursday, May 29, 2008

They...they gave him WHAT??

I grew up in a little housing development between Rising Sun and North East, Maryland called Farmcrest. From 1981 till 1989, I called this place home. Here's where it's located:

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I lived across the street from the Bray family. Larry Bray, the father, was a Maryland State Trooper; his wife, Linda, I think worked for the Cecil County county clerk's office (or some part of county government -- I'll post a correction later if I find I'm wrong); and they had two kids, Kristin and Brian. Where the arrow is on the map, I lived in the house under the arrow, and the Bray's lived in the house above the arrow. In other words, both houses are fourth from the beginning of the road.

Kristin was a few years older than me, and Brian, a few years younger. We all did loads of things together, but mainly I hung around with Brian. Brian was very athletic, and even though he was a few years younger than me, he excelled beyond me in many events. He was fast, too, fast like the wind -- the only way I could keep up with him was to jump on a bicycle.

The first R-rated movie I ever saw was in their living room -- OK, Mr. and Mrs. Bray were not home at the time. The movie was "Children of the Corn." Scared the hell out of me, because at the time, our houses were surrounded by corn fields. I used to run through them a lot until I saw that movie. It took a year to get the voice of Issac out of my head..."He wants you, too, Malacai...he wants you, too..."

We played baseball in my backyard, because it was so huge. I was getting good for a time, and it came to a point where both of us could hit a baseball nearly to the cornfields across the back of our neighbors yard. He was also into football, which I liked but never played well. We all had a good time in those days.

I received an email from Kristin today. Her father found our reunion website, told her about it, and she couldn't resist dropping me an email. I remember a few years back I found her email address and did the same thing, so I was glad to hear from her.

Brian has since grown up, is married with a couple of kids of his own, but that wasn't what shocked me. Brian Bray is now a Maryland State Trooper, just like his father. Brian Bray, a Trooper? They gave him a GUN to carry?

I remember when this kid tossed a dart at my HEAD in his basement and it hit me in my tooth, tossed rocks and anything else we could find or create at each other just to see if we could dodge them. And now they say "You're charged with protecting the citizens of Maryland. Go now, and take a gun to help you. Have fun!" That's just NOT RIGHT! I should make a call to his CO to make sure they KNOW this guy before handing him a sidearm! :)

Seriously, I'm confident he will make a fine police officer, if he is anything like his father. I'm just hoping he doesn't remember the time I chased him around my house with a staple gun, shooting staples at his back, and he's not looking for revenge...

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in North East Maryland and I remember Brian Bray though we were not friends or anything. And I do recall that he was athletic. So he's a state trooper, very interesting.