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Friday, July 4, 2008

What the hell were these kids thinking?

Once again, I am amazed by the stupidity of people. You would figure I'd learn by now, but being an optimist I always look for the good in people. In this case, the good left a long time ago, or never took up residence.

Take a look at this video. WARNING: If you have kids, this video will piss you off.

What the HELL was this kid thinking? Did he think it was funny? Did he think he would get a good laugh from his buddies? It's disgusting to think someone thought this would be funny to do this to such a small, helpless child.

I can't find the original video on YouTube, and honestly, I'm glad, because I'd be email slamming the site as fast as I could.

I cannot describe the angst, the anger, this video creates in me every time I look at it. I stopped looking at it entirely, it makes me that angry. I mean, I did stupid things as a kid. My father did stupid things when he was a kid. My kids will all do stupid things as they grow up. But what possessed this kid to take a toddler and launch him across a room?

And where the hell were the parents in all this?

I have a child with cerebral palsy. I know what trauma can do to a child. This kid is 16 years old, not exactly a kid that can't think for himself. THIS is what he thinks of for fun? And the kid holding the camera STOOD THERE and LET HIM DO THIS!

It AMAZES me how LOW people will go to get a laugh. It's one thing to make fun of an adult, to poke fun at your friends, even to do something physical to someone for a joke. But, for God sake, not to a TODDLER that cannot defend himself!

If that had been my child launched across the room, the police better do something because they don't want me to do something. If that had been my child launching another person's child like that, my kid would understand the meaning of the word "discipline".

On that note, how many times does the media have to show the kid being launched from the cushion? Wasn't one time enough? I understand they want to show the event and invoke emotions in their viewers, but I think one time should have been enough.

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