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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random High School Band Memories

  • The Impressario
  • The Fugue in g Minor
  • Whistling "The Fugue in g Minor" on the school bus in the morning and driving people MAD!
  • "Ho ho ho"
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • Dropping the drumstick into that hole...I still don't know how I did that...
  • Shooting the gun (it was supposed to be a cannon) in "American Civil War Fantasy" (these guys did it with a bass drum, but that sucks...)
  • Hurricane Jane
  • Newlin playing the piano and not conducting the band until a week before the concert
  • Split band class???
  • First Suite
  • Second Suite
  • Folk Song Suite
  • Seasongs
  • A Christmas Festival
  • Procession of the Sardar
  • In a Persian Market
  • College marches at football games
  • Savin' All My Love For You
  • A Sousa March for everyone!
  • Why did the same oboe player make it to All County Band every year I was in high school? Oh, yeah...she was the only one that tried out, so she knew she would make it. And she SUCKED!
  • Cow Stretches (oh, sorry...that's a Random Track Memory...I'll need to remember that for the next Random List)
  • Dollenger -- 'nuff said...
  • "Jada" turned into "Pizza"
  • Cocking the Trumpet (Scott Waddell knows what I'm talking about).
  • "Final Exams"
  • Pissing people off because they needed to do homework, but damn it, I needed to play tympani!
  • Exactly HOW many Mozart overtures did we learn to play?
  • Exactly HOW many overtures did we learn to play?
  • Oboe parts played by someone on the bells...
  • Jazz Band trips to elementary schools, Wipe Out, Black Magic Woman, The Pink Panther, and The Beatles
And last, but certainly not least:
  • RIP, Jim Dudley


Anonymous said...

Did Newlin even conduct the week before our concerts??!!!! Also, should add.....

RIP: Mr. Newlin

Unknown said...

Newlin is alive and well, living in Chesapeake City, where he always has.

Phil Chuy is dead, though...died a couple of years ago, Newlin told me.

Penni Domikis said...

Newlin told me Dudley died but when? I used to exchange Xmas cards with Newlin every year (which of course he would actually get in April and he would call me). Haven't done that in a couple of years. Is he still around? I need to call that man.