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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Next President

I've avoided talking about the upcoming presidential election. Not that the election is not important -- in fact, I think it's the most important election to come along in quite some time. I just haven't found anything useful or insightful to say about it.

Then I realized I usually think better when I simply write -- just let it come out and see what it looks like. I decided to try that tonight.

The fact is I'm not really impressed with either campaign.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden don't appeal to me at all. They've had a pretty consistent message, but it's the message I don't like. Both say that if I decide I want to make over $250000 a year (the number has changed several times, but that really doesn't matter) then I will likely see an increase in taxes taken from my paycheck.

I want you to take a look at the 2007 Tax Tables for various filing status, directly from the IRS web site. I was pretty good at math when I was in school, and this just bugs the hell out of me. Look at the tables and you will see one consistency -- as you make more money, a larger percentage of money is taken from your paycheck.

A larger percentage!

That makes no sense at all. And to top it off, Joe Biden says you should be patriotic and pay your fair share. What does patriotic have to do with you paying a larger percentage of taxes? And is this fair?

Now, I don't make money in the uppermost parts of those tax tables. But if I took a job where I did, my tax rate goes up by another 10%.

This is not the message I want to hear. You want to be fair? Flat tax rate after a certain level of income would be fair.

So Obama and Biden just don't appeal to me.

Oh, and I'll cheap shot Biden (don't worry -- I'll probably cheap shot everyone by the time I'm done). He talks about how in HIS neighborhood, he doesn't know of a plumber that makes $250000 a year. In Joe Biden's neighborhood, it's a little more exclusive, and more expensive, than most of us live. In fact, I'm not sure that Biden even talks to his plumber that deeply. But that's just my opinion.

Obama is a great orator, but he's not blowing my skirt up at all.

John McCain and Sarah Palin don't really do it for me, either. I like Palin's spirit, and her boots (Facebook friends know what I'm talking about), but there's something about her I don't like.

She strikes me as a fake person. Her mannerisms on stage don't match her body language when she's done on stage.

When she was first introduced as the VP candidate with McCain, I felt it was a good pick, and in some ways still do. Female, husband a blue collar union member, strong personality, great speaking voice, incredible energy. But I watched her as I watched Biden, and maybe it's the fact that Biden's been doing this a LOT longer than she has. But I'm not comfortable with her being second in command. Not now, anyway.

In my opinion, she would have made a pretty good cabinet member, or even a Senator. Maybe I'm wrong entirely. But I just don't feel comfortable with her in the VP position.

A friend of mine at work asked me if I was threatened by strong women. She knew better than to ask me a question like that -- almost all of the women in my life have been very strong women. Both my ex-wives, my sisters, my daughter, my grandmother, and my aunt are some of the strongest women I know. My grandmother tops all of them. I also knew my friend was joking a bit, too. It's not that she's a strong woman. I just don't think she's the RIGHT woman for the job.

I'll tell you who I think would have been a better choice if the Republicans wanted a woman for VP -- I would have courted Condolezza Rice or Elizabeth Dole. Rice is extremely intelligent, and would have done VERY well in a leadership position. She's done a great job, in my opinion, in the State Department. Dole has experience in leadership all of her life -- she was Secretary of Transportation, is now a Senator, and has years of experience working in Washington at many levels.

OK, McCain says he doesn't want someone that's used to Washington -- he wants a Maverick. Two Mavericks, he says, to shake up Washington. I'm all for shaking up the establishment but I'm not convinced they can do it if they don't show a unified front. They disagree on some subjects. Global Warming and ANWAR are a couple of areas, but they think this is a good thing. I don't think it's that good -- it sends a mixed message to voters that I don't think he can afford.

OK, so I haven't cheap shotted anyone else yet. I'll find some cheap shots and post them later.

The core of my message, if there is one (this is Randomness, anyway) is that I don't like either of these candidates, but I think I will be inclined to vote for the lesser of two evils. And I might just do something I've never done before.

I might just vote Republican for President.

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