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Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Track Memories

  • Egg Salad Sandwiches and Peanut M&Ms before the 4x800m relay at Districts.
  • Shaving a minute off the 4x800m relay time, and Erbe in disbelief. Made a note to bring a bag of peanut M&Ms to Regionals.
  • "Third and FINAL call? Did anyone hear the first 2 calls?"
  • Cow Stretches!
  • 100m Showdown in Perryville (Holbrook won in tenny's and with a hammy pull...take THAT).
  • The bi-meet in Oxford that suddenly became a tri-meet with St. Marks, and they kicked ALL our asses.
  • Shawn Miller's kick.
  • Paul Bolno's "13-what?!"
  • Trains!
  • "We beat Havre de Grace!"
  • Mark Shreve puking in a trashcan, and then running an incredible split in the relay.
  • Is Lovey high?'s Lovey!
  • The guy from St. Mark's -- 52 foot shotput, then a 10.2 100m -- is he REALLY in high school?
  • A track team without a track.
  • "We looked like a bunch of pumpkins."
  • 5 miles a day in February.
  • Heidi Strubbe waving to the crowd.
  • "Third and final call, 800m dash!"
  • Who's the Javellin catcher?
  • Tom's spandex.
  • "...the roof is on fire..."
I'd like to have a few more. Please add a comment to contribute.


LaLoosh said...

Track Memories. BEST times of my High School days.
16.Food contest. Usually to see how many pretzals we could stick in our mmouth at once. Today there are drivers out there that remember going by a shool bus and being pelted by a large mass of halfway chewed slobbered up pretzels that hurled out a window because a couple of kids could not swallow 25 pretzels at once.
15.Arguing with Mark Shreeve on whether to play Boston's "Third Stage" for the 1,849th time on the bus or Van Halen's 5150 for the 4th time.
14.Feeling sorry for any salt and pepper shakers at any restaraunt we stopped at.
13.Going to regionals/states and Elwood bringing a TV so we had something to do because we only ever qualified for one event.
12.Lapping Terry Lewis in the 3200M which was always our goal.(Two miles for anyone who didn't run track)
11.Running along with Brian Miller at counties for the first 7 laps of the 3200M and bumping him accidently part way through. His coach started yelling that I bumped his runner and Brian telling him to shut up it wasn't a big deal. Mind you we were in like 5& 6 place!!
10.Miller(that me, Shawn Miller, but I will refer to myself in 3rd person just in case anyone reading this knows what the hell we are talking about and remebers these too.)cussing out Don Barclay at practice in the gym. This also goes back to Richards point about a track team not having a freakin TRACK!!!
9.Playing punch bug on the bus trips. And kids were not talking taps here, the object was see how red and puffy you could make someones arm during the game. Also the shock of the people in the back when Mr. Erbe nailed someone when he was at the back of the bus. Seeing him hit someones(don't remember who it was)arm and yell punch bug was priceless.
8. Mr. Sharking talking to Mark Tolbert and Miller outside at the bus before a regional meet when we had to leave at 9:00 a.m. and telling us that it would be great to sit next to Anita Louge and stay warm on that trip.
6.Running to the PA line and back.
5. Going to Havre de Grace and walking to track and having a little 7 to 9 year old black kid ask us "Where are all your black guys at?" We promptly told him "He's back there." and sent back farther and told him to ask for a guy named Mark, you can't miss him. He is the only balck one.
DISCLAIMER: For those politically correct, Mark Tolbert was our only African-American and none of us had any issues with him and I considered(and still do) him a great friend.
4.Going out for track my freshman year becuse Mariyln Majerus said I should give it a try and I had a BIG cruch on her so I did. What a great decision.
Now I come to my TOP THREE MEMORIES.
#3. Mr. Shober was a field coach who not many of us liked or respected, espicially us long distance runners. Because of bullet #10 above the coaches did not pick a captain from the long distance runners which was tradition. So we, well Miller & Elwood, had the idea of warming up seperately but equally at beginnings of practice. We were at Perryville(Again because we had no freakin track) and warming up. We were about 25 yards away warming up at the same time as the rest of team. Well Mr. Shober comes over and starts to yell at us. Well if know Miller and Elwood at the time that was not the brightest thing to do!! That just made us more determined. We refused to join the rest unless they named a long distance captain. Mr. Shober told us to start running and we could stop when he was tired. Well Mr. Shober never did squat during a practice, so to this day he is still not tired. But telling giving long distance runners running as a form of punishment is like putting a sexalohic under house arrest at the Bunny Ranch in Vegas as punishment. Did I mention Mr. Shober was not to bright either. So We proceed to run around the track. As Elwood , McDowell and the rest of the long sitance runner leaves Miller so they could practice other events Miller keeps on running. Of course Miller being the chronic smart ass he is has to ask Mr. Shober every lap if he tired, yelling out to wherever Mr. S is. Meanwhile 8 miles later everyone is on the bus and Miller is still running and Mr. Shober comes down to the track and says lets go. Miller then ask him if he is tired yet? Mr. s says NO. So Miller runs another lap. This just pisses off mr. S so bad all he could say was alright tired lats just go. Miller offered to run behind the bus but Mr. S refused. On the small walk to the bus Miller of course rubbed it in to Mr. S by saying how stupid it was to give a long distance runner running as a punishment. He was so mad he could not speak and never again spoke or came near Miller again, which made Miller Very very happy!
#2. Mike Markland's balls.
Yes I said Mikes balls and it is what you think it is.
North East MD. Track meet. 200M i believe. End of race goes right by bleachers. Remeber that running shorts were short and skimpy then. Mike coming arounf=d straight-a-away at end of race. Mike's testicles hanging out flapping in the wind as he went by. Elwood and Miller laughinf SO hard they could not tell anyone what was going on. Elwood and Miller almost falling through the bleachers laughing so hard.The look on Mr. Erbe's face as he saw it and was trying t contain himself. Was even better was seeing Mr. Erbe telling the story to Mr. Caffey in the media room of the library the next day. This turn got Miller trying to contain himself in the library as everyone looked at him wondering what the hell was wrong with him.
#1. Now I know that it has to hard to top Mike's balls story but this one is special to me and Elwood. We were at a meet(North East agin I think) and the coaches told everyone to stay out the press box where they were keeping score. Well Elwood and Miller took this as a challenge. We were up ther checking scores. We come back down to the bleachers. WEll Ms. Blevins sees us up in the press box and begins to ream us a new hole.The last words of her tiide doomed her. She stated "Can't you think I can't see you in there, theres 3 big windows to see through." Well Miller turns around looks at the press box turns backs to Ms. B as states "But Ms. B theres 4 windows up there!" She gets so mad at us that we are required to sit behind her on the bus trip home. BIG MISTAKE, I repeat BIG MISTAKE, espicailly if you know Elwood and Miller. We bugged her with statements and questions before the bus even began to depart. We were asking ?'s and digging for info you would feel embarressed to ask your wife. We did not make it halfway back to Rising Sun, and you have to realize North East is only a 30 minute bus ride home, before she lost it and made us switch with someone in the back of the bus. Ms.Blevins only lasted that one year at school I believe and I am saddened to thing Elwood and Miller had a large part to do with that. Where ever you are Missus B. We are sorry, Sort of.
If I think of anymore I will post them.If you read this and any make sense post your own from RSHS Track Bus Trips and Meets.

Unknown said...

Erbe did a Punch Bug? Oh my LORD, I wish I saw that! It must have been the biggest shock of them all!

I remember going up to the pressbox at North East the year I ran track, and I never got in trouble. Maybe they just didn't like YOU! :)

I would have paid to see you piss off muchdo I owe you?!