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Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year!

Though I had the boys for the evening and today, I still participated in festivities at Jeff's house. He had a few friends over -- well, it turned out to be about 20 guests, but it was all in great fun. We watched the ball drop "live" made our phone calls, but at 12:15AM I had to get home. There was no way Hayden could sleep in the middle of all that activity, and Alex got VERY cranky. I took my cigar (which I have yet to smoke) and went home. The good thing was the kids slept 8 hours, and they spent a very active day today.

I'm not sure about this year. The divorce is not yet final, we have to file income taxes, and who knows what else will happen. I just hope this year is better than last year.

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Penni Domikis said...

I have my fingers crossed for you.