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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pennies to Dollars

So I was at WalMart in Bryan last night after going to the gym with my friend Jeff. I picked up a few essentials (Cheerios, Shiner Bock, tuna, and salmon) and made my way to the checkouts. I had less than 20 items, so I went to the Express Checkout lane.

In front of us, already in line, was a woman riding one of those battery powered buggies. In her cart was 5 items -- a Dyson vacuum cleaner that retails for about $350, and 4 Hannah Montana clearance Christmas tree ornaments that sold for about $1 each. When Jeff and I arrived in line, the woman was debating the price of an item.

Not the $350 Dyson, mind you -- she was debating the price of the ornament. She argued the price was supposed to be 50 cents. We stood in line behind her for about 2 minutes, listening to her arguments and pleas as to why she was being overcharged for the items.

Why do people do this? Why are people dollar fooling and penny wise? Why did she argue 25 cents off when she already dropped $350 plus 8+ percent sales tax on her vacuum cleaner? Was it THAT important that she save $1 on her total purchase?

I'm not knocking Dyson vacuums at all -- they are great vacuums, do a fine job, and are worth the money, hands down. The logic this woman employed, however, made me want to go up to her, plop down $2.16 for her ornaments, and tell her "Please, it's on me. I'm getting old standing here waiting for you to get that $1 back!"

I truly have no patience for people like that...

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