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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Press Any Key To Continue -- Except Q...

I worked Friday night and all day Saturday to do software upgrades for one of the products I support working for Vertafore, called AMS 360. At the same time, a couple of other engineers performed upgrades on the Sagitta product. While I got to go home and return the next day after a few hours sleep, Tim and Tim, the Sagitta application engineers, stayed all night working on the Sagitta upgrades. They got to go home after nearly 16 hours total work, with only about an hour break.

Sagitta upgrades, as it turns out, are more tedious than the upgrades I did. Tim and Tim had to wait for a prompt to appear and "press any key to continue".

Now, in my opinion, when working on a mass upgrade affecting multiple databases, mundane tasks like pressing keys on a keyboard should not be necessary. In fact, it's stupid. But that's another story.

The odd part was that at some point, the Tims were asked to "Press any key to continue". So, by chance, Tim#2 pressed the "Q" key.

Evidently, "Any Key" does not mean "Q". Because hitting "Q" will "Quit" the process and kick you back about three steps.

Why would you place the message "Press ANY KEY to continue" in a software upgrade, and NOT realize it MIGHT kill the upgrade, to the point where you have to nearly start ALL OVER AGAIN? That's insane!

Software developers, in general, are not a user friendly bunch. But this is beyond that -- it's piss poor programming. How hard is it to make the software respond only to one key.

Sorry to all you decent developers out there, but I've run into too much piss poor code to let it slide. Keep up the diligence -- someone will learn from you...


Penni Domikis said...

I think if that happened to me I would have to kick some ass. LOL That totally beats wiping all the data off my phone. At least that didn't take too long to rectify.

Unknown said...

...and I still feel VERY bad about that...