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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Job, New Directions

I haven't talked about Vertafore lately because, well, I just haven't felt like it. But I figured now is as good a time as any to talk about Vertafore and some recent changes in my life.

First, the big news -- after nearly 13 years, I resigned from Vertafore to take a position at another company. Looking back at my time there, I learned a lot, and I hope I taught as much to many different people. The decision to leave Vertafore was not easy, and not without reservations. I mean, it is rare for an IT professional to stay with a company more than 5 years, let alone nearly 13 years. But there were many advantages to my departure. But in case any of my former coworkers don't know, I will miss seeing you all on a daily basis, and will keep in touch as much as possible. Lunch is always a great way to catch up on life, and the occasional night out is also helpful!

Next, I resigned Vertafore to work for a company called Corptax. Corptax creates software that is used to compile and file tax returns. It is used by mostly large corporations that have entire departments dedicated to taxes. Many corporate names you hear in the news daily are customers of mine now. My new position is as a Technical Support Analyst. This involves, among other tasks, working with customers on installing, configuring, and troubleshooting the software. It's a job I did for a long time at Vertafore, so the general tasks are familiar. Learning new software is the key, and that's coming along relatively smoothly. It's a lot to learn so quickly, but I found my brain still works pretty well, so everything should go well.

Finally, the reasons for leaving. I don't have a good, solid, concrete reason for leaving Vertafore. I think it was the right opportunity at the right time. Perhaps many smaller factors, together, facilitated my departure. One deciding factor was the ability to work remotely, from my home, instead of commuting to an office every day. I have a laptop and a second monitor to get a full desktop affect, and an IP phone so that customers and coworkers can call me as if they are calling a desk at the office. The part I must be careful of is handling tasks as home, such as the dogs or the dishwasher. But so far, its worked out well.

My old job provided me with a lot of learning and opportunities, so I don't have bad things to say about them. Perhaps the recent economic turns played a factor in my leaving. There were things at Vertafore that were worse than others, just like any job. But the one thing I will always cherish is the comradeship of my coworkers. My former coworkers saw me through 2 marriages, 2 divorces, 2 new children, and 2 children that have grown to adulthood. It truly was like having an extended family.

So, one door closes, and another opens. Life goes on. Need to remember to turn down the TV tomorrow before making my calls...

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