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Saturday, August 29, 2009

In A Cup

Today, Alex did something I've never seen any child do in my entire life.

Today, before heading out to run a quick shop for basics, Alex announced, as he always does, that he needed to go potty. I informed him, as I usually do, that he doesn't need to ask or announce this, but just go.

So, off he went into his bathroom, and I heard him pee. But, it sounded different.

Then, I didn't hear a flush. I didn't hear any water of any kind, other than that of the tinkle of him peeing. Curious, and scared, I went to his bathroom and asked him, through the door, "Is everything alright?" He says, "Yes, Daddy", and then opens the door, and I see why nothing made sense.

On the closed toilet lid was a cup. The same cup I use to rinse his hair, and to bathe he and Hayden. In the cup was where he decided to pee. He picked it up and proudly handed it to me, smiled, jacked up his drawers, and said "Now, I have to wash my hands."

I was dumbfounded, and then I started to smile, and then I laughed. He laughed with me. I had to stop and let him know this was not OK in the least, and that I never wanted to see this again. Unless, of course, if he's taking a physical for sports, and then, well, I still don't care to see it. But it's good to know that, when the time comes, he'll be ahead of everyone else, and won't have a problem peeing in a cup.

I thought about keeping it and testing it for drugs, just to make sure the boy was clean. Why else would he do this?

I talked to his mother later in the day. She and her new man are expecting a baby, and it turns out that Alex walked in on her peeing in a cup as part of her daily pregnancy routine. I told her the story, she cracked up, and I understood everything.

Moral? No, sorry, I don't have one...just keep the bathroom door locked if you need to pee in a cup...

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