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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Crap

I haven't posted in a while, so I'll just go over a few things that have been on my mind at various times.

What's the point in wearing those shorts that go down about to about mid calf, or in some cases, damn near to your ankles without tapering? Do you want shorts or not? Make a decision, and quit looking stupid.

College kids are back in town this week, and I love them, but please, for the love of God, go over your Right of Way rules, please. I will hit you because, as Kathy Bates said "Face it, honey. I'm older, and I have more insurance." Or I'll just flip you The Bird, and if you come after me, I'll pretend you're from my area of the world (East Coast, baby) and just attempt to run you over.

You ever buy a snack and say "Wow, these used to be bigger." Were they really bigger, or did you just get bigger and in perspective, they seemed to get smaller? Either way, I'd bet they are still no better for you now than they were back then. Or are you like me, and can actually now eat about ten of those snacks now, and one just seems to damn insignificant?

Connery, Craig, Brosnan, Moore, George Lazenby, Dalton. Period. End of discussion. No, Moore sucks as Bond overall, sorry. He was just not that good a Bond to me. Judi Dench is the best M, Q needs to come back, and the chair thing was just so wrong.

How did Padme Amidala NOT know she was having twins? Wasn't the medical technology superior, and she didn't have an ob-gyn appointment, not even once?

One skill my children will learn is swimming. They will not wait till they are 24 years old before they learn. And they'll learn how to drag someone else with them, because one day, that might be necessary.

Jim Johnson is dead, Vick is an Eagle, and the Eagles drafted offense. If Jaworski comes in as a motivational speaker, I quit. OK, no, not really, but damn, could it get any weirder?

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