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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not Too Cool For School

Today I am taking Alex to school for the first time. By "first time" I mean that I am taking him to the door whereas his mother has done this task since he started school in August. At 6:00 in the morning, the boy is still a motormouth. Good lord, didn't he get the memo that before 7AM, the only acceptable form of communication are hand gestures and grunting noises?

Everyone that knows me knows one thing - I am NOT a morning person. By morning I mean anything before 8. But those that know me also know I take school VERY seriously. So the need to get to school overrides my natural pre-8AM pissiness - if that's even a word.

Alex's momma had a baby last night, so my boys are with me, and that's the reason I am running Alex to school. I got a wake up call from her new man, but I was already on the road. I likely amazed him and Alex's momma. Hell, I amazed myself, and Alex too. The look on his face this morning said "What, you're up NOW!?" I had time for Grumpybear to go away before Alex realized it.

The hardest thing, though, was letting him run off into school when they opened the doors. Alex was all ready to go, but I wasn't even close to ready. I haven't had to do this in 14 years, when Amanda was in kindergarten. Oh, how soon we forget the pains of separation...

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