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Sunday, December 27, 2009


I felt really stupid for Christmas this year.

I didn't wish for it to happen -- it just sort of happened. My stocking didn't have a Stupid Feeling coupon, and I avoided yet another year of coal.

Santa Claus delivered a few gifts for the boys under my tree, as he did last year, and they really enjoyed their stuff. Hayden got a set of big block Legos and a shape toy. You know the one, where you put the block into the slot that matches the shape. He also got 4 Matchbox cars and a couple of coloring books. Alex got a set of Legos for a 5 year old, a Nerf All-Terrain Football, 4 Matchbox cars, and a few coloring books. Both boys were extremely happy with their gifts.

I got the puzzle for Hayden because I was not sure if he had yet hit that milestone where he matched up shapes. His momma had not told me if he had hit this milestone yet, so I was completely in the dark on if this was something he could do.

So I sat with him on the floor and handed him the shapes, and he went right to the box and shoved them into the right spots. I mean, it was not even like he had to try -- he just did it. I applauded him and he was very happy, but it made me feel like an ass. I felt bad because I clearly underestimated his ability.

He's been doing quite well. He understands language very well and follows direction as well as any 3 year old. He gets into mischief at a rate I would say is consistent with a 3 year old. He even interacts with his older brother in a way that appears normal. I mean, what brother doesn't smack his brother in the head when toys are taken from him?

But I underestimated his cognitive and intellectual abilities, and that makes me sad and angry at the same time. I feel like I should have judged him better than that. But I fear I will overestimate another time and feel just as idiotic.

I'm not sure there's anything I can actually do about it. I've been through this before with Amanda and her dyslexia, but it was at a much older age and I could talk with her about it. Hayden doesn't know that he's any different from other kids, so it doesn't bother him.

I am very proud of him, though, and he smiled a lot when he did the puzzle correctly and he knew he was doing it right. His sense of accomplishment is all I can ask for and expect, I suppose.

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