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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dramatic Chipmunk

I talk often about Alex and the conversations we have, because they are genuinely funny and I like to share how funny my child is. I think children at this age and even older, are funny -- something I think some adults lose over time.

But Hayden is funny, too, in his own way, and I've shared some things he's done. But I finally got some video of Hayden laughing so hard I think he wet himself.

YouTube has two videos that Hayden thinks are so funny, he laughs so hard that he almost has a hard time breathing, and in one case coughed and sputtered so hard I thought he was going to throw up. Both videos are by a group called ParryGripp, and all of the videos they make are very silly, but funny.

The first is called "Cat Flushing A Toilet":

This next video is called "Dramatic Chipmunk":

Now, here is Hayden, laughing his head off at the "Dramatic Chipmunk" video. I like that he quits laughing just when the video ends:

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