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Saturday, January 16, 2010

NBA Dancers and their Underwears

Conversation with Alex tonight as he and I watched the beginning of the rebroadcast of the Rockets-Heat game from The Toyota Center in Houston, broadcast on FSN Houston.

Rockets take a timeout. Commentators begin to breakdown the game so far to explain why the Heat are catching up (Two Words: Dwayne Wade), and the camera switches to a shot of a blond in a red sequin two-piece dance outfit, shaking what her momma gave her to a bass-thumping dance number. Alex stares at the screen.

Dad: Alex, I don't think you need to stare at the girl in the bikini that hard.

Alex (rolling his eyes): Dad, I wasn't looking at the girl. I was looking at her underwears.

Well, thanks for clearing THAT go get a towel and wipe your face there, Sparky...

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1 comment:

Penni Domikis said...

Hilarious... Sounds like my kid