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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dropping the F-Bomb

Today, as the Healthcare Reform Act was signed into law, Vice President Joe Biden introduced President Obama to the mostly partisan crowd. As the President shook Biden's hand, Biden turned to the President's other ear -- the one away from the microphone -- and told him that this was "a big fucking deal".

In case you missed it:

You can see it here.

Immediately, news outlets latched onto this. CNN created several segments analyzing the F-Bomb. Some detractors chastised the VP on his language.

C'mon. Are you SERIOUS? Does anyone remember THIS little F-Bomb drop a few years back:

That video is here.

And then there's the time John Kerry called one of his Secret Service agents a "son of a bitch". Yeah, the guy that's supposed to take a bullet for him is an SOB.

Oh, and how about the time Dick Cheney told a member of the Senate to go fuck himself. On the floor of the Senate.

You know, the more important issue today was Healthcare Reform, and there are arguments for and against. Personally, for the record, it's needed, but I'm really concerned about cost. There is no clear, straightforward plan on how it's going to be paid for. And, the CBO states that the deficit will go down the first few years but then goes back up again, provided policy does NOT change at all in the next 10 years. If my taxes get hit because of this, on top of the child support I pay and the premiums I pay for health insurance for me and my three boys, that's going to really piss me off. There is also the issue of paying fines, starting in 2014, if you don't have an insurance policy, which is simply retarded to me.

But too many times today, this story popped up. "Oh, no, Biden said the F-Word!"

As if he's never used it before. Your kids probably drop the F-Bomb more often than Biden does.

There was plenty of other news today that was more important. Get of the fluff.

Of course, I contributed to the fluff, only because I wanted to point out how stupid it was. Big fuckin' deal :)

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