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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hayden's Progress

In the last few months, Hayden has shown tremendous progress both physically and developmentally.

Lately, eating has become much less of a chore, with Hayden being able to chew his food without choking, and being able to tell me when he wants more. He uses sign language now to tell me "more food" or "more drink". The last 6 meals or so he's eaten more than I've ever seen him eat. For a guy with Italian heritage, that's-a my boy!

His understanding of language is incredible. While he still can't talk (other than saying "Ooooo" when asked what a cow says), he can identify all of his body parts and even articles of clothing. He can also say "I love you" in sign language. He certainly knows what he's doing when I tell him to stop playing on the TV stand and he smirks at me, and then crawls away when I get up to move him!

Physically he's also improving. He's started to walk on his knees, and if I hold his hands, he can walk quite far. Today he wanted to walk up steps but I was not ready for him to do that. He was pissed at me for 20 minutes!

I'm so glad we're seeing progress. Too soon, he'll be asking for the car!

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