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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Random Thoughts

Kolbheads -- Seriously?

Making turns in your car is generally easier when you're not blabbering into your cell phone.

When making a turn into a parking lot, it's not a good idea to stop when you're halfway into the parking lot. Just get in and turn around later. Please. For me?

Gravy is now easy. No lumps!

Earthquakes are caused by promiscuous women, huh? Wow...maybe it's the underground nuke testing?

McNabb and T.O together again? This is the Ike and Tina of the NFL.

There once was a man named Bertold
Who drank beer when the weather grew cold
As he reached for his cup...
Oh, snap! You just got limerickrolled!

"Here I come to save the DAAAAAAY!"

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