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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Heat on LeBron

OK, I really don't care about this, but you have to admit it's DAMN funny stuff.

LeBron James decides, hey, I need to leave Cleveland. Maybe. No one really knew. He decided to have a "special on ESPN" to announce "The Decision". The only good thing about this special, prime time slot was that proceeds from the broadcast were given to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Couldn't he just write a check for that?

No, he had to go Prime Time. You know what will happen,right? He'll fall on his face and fail miserably.

I don't have that big a problem with him leaving the Cavs to go where he think he'll win a championship. That's his goal, fine, that's his goal, and in the end it's his decision and he has to do what he thinks is best for him. I really don't even think he'll fail flat on his face, though karma has a way of sorting these things out.

What bothers me is that from all the reports I heard and read, the owner of the Cavs didn't know until 9:01 PM EDT, one minute after the Prime Time special began, that he was leaving. His agent and PR person took care of it for him while he pandered on TV. You would think that the owner of the team would know before anyone else. That's just common courtesy.

It appears evident, to me at least, that LeBron had issues with Dan Gilbert for a while now, too. It's no wonder that Dan Gilbert's other company, Fathead, lowered the price of the LeBron Slam Dunk Fathead to $17.41. That would be the year that Benedict Arnold was born. Wow, talk about a statement. Not to mention, Dan had a few things to say to everyone else.

I've always been a fan of a player sticking with a team for the duration of his career, especially one that touts his hometown like LeBron did time and time again. I think LeBron could have made a big statement to his hometown, since he talked so much about it. Instead he went for what he thinks will be a championship. We'll see...

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