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Thursday, July 15, 2010


I went over to Best Buy yesterday and got my hands on an iPad. Best Buy had three of them on display for customers to try before they buy.

Having the device in my hand, I really liked the design. It was sleek and beautiful, but that's where the love affair ended.

I wanted to browse the Internet. OK, open up Safari, find the keypad.

Wow, was that keypad SLOW. I had typed out the URL I wanted and it didn't even fill in the address bar as fast as I typed it.

Web sites came up rather slowly for my taste. A bit below any of the browsers I was used to on my laptop, but enough to notice. This could get annoying real fast.

Oh, and then there's Flash. Or, rather, the lack thereof. Loads of sites on the Internet use Flash for video and games. They didn't work. Seriously, the one of the most popular and most developed platforms used on the Internet and it's not supported? Really? That's stupid!

A quick Google search (NOT on the iPad, by the way) revealed that newer iMacs might have had a bit of a problem with Flash performance. There also appears to be a Flash iPad release on it's way, currently in pre-alpha, but nothing official yet. The arguments in the field thus far are that Flash is dying, and HTML5 needs to take precedence. I agree with that, but until that happens on ALL browsers and operating systems, and Flash is still out there in use, then iPad needs to support it. Remarks by Steve Jobs suggest he hates Flash, but his hatred should be trumped by his customers needs. Since he wants to make them happy, as he mentioned in the recent iPhone 4 Press Conference, he should support Flash.

There were a few apps on this device that intrigued me. One was a star chart, but it not move with me as I changed direction, holding up the device, as would happen with a phone I once used. There was a music application with a piano keyboard, and it was OK, but not spectacular.

I think the iPad is a good device. Not great. I don't have a list of things I think would make it great...yet.

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Steve said...

You used Google Skymap on my Android phone...that's the reference right?

Unknown said...

Yes, that's the reference. Sorry, I forgot what it was called...