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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birdies or Dummies?

Conversation with Alex this afternoon while playing 18 holes of Wii Resort Golf. I was only ahead of Alex by one stroke, and I just sank a beautiful birdie put from about 40 feet with a slight right-to-left grade in the middle off my path. The putt was so nice that it warranted the Wii to replay it.

Dad: "Yes, birdie! Excellent!"

Alex (not happy, as he's now 2 strokes back at even): "No, that was not a birdie."

Dad: "Yes, it was. That was a par 4 and I hit it in 3. That makes it a birdie."

Alex: "No, it wasn't a birdie. It was a dummy."

Dad: "I don't care if it's got a Ph.D in Dummy, it's still a birdie"

Alex: "Yeah, whatever. Play the game, Dad, and quit you're talkin'!"

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