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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Change My Name, and Other Revelations

Conversation with Alex tonight about his name.

Alex: "Dad, I want to change my name to Evan Alexander."

Alex's full name is Alexander Evan Tocci. It was the only name combination his mother and I could agree on. He was almost named Evan Alexander, but then we realized his initials would be "E.A.T." and decided against it. I told Alex about this fact.

Alex: "Never mind...that does sound stupid, doesn't it?"


Conversation this evening while watching the Eagles game.

Dad: "Alex, would you please go get me a beer from the door in the fridge?"

Alex: "Sure, Dad. I'll try not to drink it."

Thanks, pal. I appreciate your candor.


Conversation with Alex during dinner tonight. He's not been feeling well and has had an upset stomach for a couple of days.

Alex: "Dad, I need to go to the bathroom."

Dad: "Well, OK, hurry up."

Alex: "I will. It'll be a soft poop."

I hope everyone enjoys their dinner!

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The Guptas said...

He's a very entertaining boy!! It's fun to write these things down because some day you'll get to share them with his someone special!!