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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catching Up

First and foremost, I want to wish all of my friends, family, and colleagues a very Happy New Year, and I hope your holidays were merry and bright! I neglected to send out cards this year, but everyone was in my thoughts during the Christmas season.

Alas, another decade has past. We're into the second decade of the 21st century. Shouldn't we have time machines and clones by now?

Soon, Hayden turns 4 and is getting out of the toddler ages. He's still not quite walking though walking on his knees is getting better, and when he's assisted in standing up, he moves his legs and feet. The movements are still awkward but pronounced. He's not using a potty yet, but when I asked him if he'd like to try, he's been undecided. He nods yes, then no, so I don't even ask. I figure he'll tell me when he's ready. Talking has gotten better, with him trying to make words and sentences. He recently was fitted for AFOs, so his physical therapy can continue. Mentally he's exceeding for his condition and his age group. He can recognize all 26 uppercase letters; 18 of 26 lower case letters; numbers from 0 to 10; all of his basic colors; all of his basic shapes; many advanced shapes, such as diamond; shape, color, and size combinations; and he answers (or ignores, depending on his mood) his name when called. Alex had trouble with some of this at that age.

Alex is in the middle of first grade, doing better with reading and excelling at math. He's starting to calculate double digit addition, and is delving into multiplication. He's taken up golf and has a wicked swing, and at one point hit a 150yard drive; he averages about 50 yards but that's still pretty good. He was taking lessons in Houston, but with his likely move back to College Station, I'll have to find other instruction for him.

Chris has gone back to school, getting an apartment and likely to stay in Canyon till he graduates. So once again, my house is empty, save for the dogs and me.

Amanda is doing well, now having a permanent boyfriend that I'll likely be calling son-in-law before too long. She tturns 21 soon; that means I'll have to take her out for a drink very soon.

I've had an umbilical hernia for a couple of years, and it finally got to the point where pain was a problem. I have surgery scheduled for January 11th to repair it. Outpatient surgery, into the surgical center in the morning, out by the afternoon, and back to work the next day. I won't be allowed to lift anything heavy for about a month, but at some point Hayden will need to be picked up when he visits, so I'll just have to be careful.

I hope 2011 serves you all justly and prosperously!

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