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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Has It Been THAT Long?

Why, yes...yes it has.  My last post to this blog was October 11, 2011.  My, how time flies.

The last year has been very busy.  In December 2011, I resigned from Corptax to work for F5 Networks as a Professional Services Consultant.  I travel to different parts of the country -- mainly in the Southeast -- and install network appliances that load balance servers, provide network and portal access, and secure and accelerate web-based applications.  The new job offered me greater challenge, changing me from working specifically with applications to more hands on in the network space , while still working with applications but on a network and delivery level.  I did a one month bootcamp in Seattle that was extremely challenging, and I've been traveling in the field ever since.  My friend Jill Gupta believes I have Business Travelers Syndrome, a condition where I complain about airplane travelers that do not know how to put bags in an overhead bin; where I notice design flaws in hotel rooms; and where I decide which car I will buy because I drive so many different kinds through rental.  She's right, and I'll still complain about it all.

In addition to my new job that's changed the course of my career, my daughter Amanda is getting married in less than 2 weeks.  She got engaged last summer and boy, has the time flown since then.  my sons Alex and Hayden will be ring bearers, and that's not all.

She's pregnant with my first grandchild...

I was sick in a hotel room in Dallas when she called me to break the news.  I nearly got sick all over again, but not because I was disappointed.  I was thrilled.  The first thing I said to Amanda was "Damn, I need to buy a house!"  Since then I've gotten regular updates in addition to handling details on the wedding.

So that's the short update.  I won't promise I'll make updates to this page but I'll make an effort.

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