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Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Wrote It Down In My Book So I Wouldn't HAVE to Remember...

Henry Jones had a Grail Diary.  

I have an Ancestry Diary.

The last few years I've spent a considerable amount of time researching my family tree.  Ancestry is the primary method of doing this.  I pay for the service yearly, and I get access to a vast amount of data.  I also use and it ties nicely back to Ancestry.  I also submitted my spit sample for AncestryDNA, and that's lead to a few discoveries.

Some of my family members didn't think it was necessary to research the family. My father, for one, was not terribly happy that I started researching his biological mother's family.  You see, she was not a great mother, and he does not see her as his mother.  But I'm not doing this to justify her motherly instincts or fitness as a mother.  I'm doing it to see where I come from.  Learn a thing or two about my past.  Learn about people I've never met.  Learn something about myself.

It was interesting researching his biological family.  One item of interest is feet - specifically, the position of the feet.  My father, my brother Bill, and I all seem to have duck feet.  Our feet stick WAY out to the sides, more than most people's feet.  In my research I found a newspaper article with a full body shot of my paternal biological grandmother.  Her feet were positioned the same way as ours.  That mystery is finally solved.

I also found out that my family is related to Davy Crockett.  Yes, THAT Crockett, who died at The Alamo.  He's a 6th great grand uncle.  It took a long time to verify that connection, and I still can't believe it.

So what does this have to do with a diary?  Most of my research is digital, but some is on old-fashioned paper.  Sometimes following a digital trail is not very satisfying.  Sometimes I need to write it down on paper, with a pen.  It helps me to concentrate.  Additionally, some of the information I've received is from cemeteries, maps of the grounds, locations of graves.  This eventually gets recorded digitally, but until then, it's paper.  I'm not as organized as Dr. Jones, Sr., but I keep as much as I can.